domain The Beaujolais vineyard is located in France in the Rhone-Alpes region, south of Macon and north of Lyon. The Domaine du Maupas is situated in south of Borgogne on the village of Julienas at the place called "la Bottiere".



Nathalie and Jacques Lespinasse are the third generation to exploit the 8 hectares of vineyard including 6,5 of Julienas, 1 of Chenas and 1/2 hectare of Pouilly-Fuissé. The parcels are located in different places in the village and are named "le coteau de rizière, les vayolettes, climat les capitans, les bucherats, climat la bottière, les brureaux et en guinchay".

Both appellations are vinified at the domain.


" Savant, ne cherchez plus ! le jardin d'Adam et d'Eve se trouve assurément au cœur de ce vignoble et ce n'est pas une pomme qui a tente la première femme mais une grappe de raisin. comme je l'excuse et la comprends ! "

                                                                         Edouard Herriot

Quick Translation: Truly, don't search any more! The garden of Adam and Eve is undoubtedly in the heart of this vinyard and it is not an apple that tempted the first woman but a bunch of grapes..which I can forgive and understand!



The Beaujolais wine is made from the Gamay vine variety and was introduced in the Lyon area as early as the 3rd century. The Beaujolais countryside with its soft slopes and round hill tops is a perfect match for the Gamay variety.

The soil of granite and schist, produces the famous vintages of Juliénas and Chénas. The Gamay Beaujolais vine has a root of medium strength, producing light green buds and young trefoil leaves. The canes of medium length and strength, grow vertically and ramify.

Throughout the year, the canes color change from light brown in autumn to purple-red in winter. The bunches are of average size and are cylindrical or cylindro-conical. The berries are black, rather tight, ovoid, soft flesh and have a fresh and sweet taste.

Chardonnay is the white grape best known in the world. For several centuries, it is the only grape used for white wine of Burgundy.



This is the oldest vintage in the area as it has been known since the 10th century. This wine is grown on clay, schist and granitic soils. The Julienas appellation represents a total area of 580 hectares mainly on the community of juliénas but also Jullié, Emeringes et Pruzilly.


The CHENAS draws its name from an oak grove. It is probably the least known of the vintages of the Beaujolais wines. Its surface is 260 hectares with a granitic soil.


A golden color characteristic of Burgundy, usually called "the king Mâconnais". Products on sedimentary soil rich in fossils (ammonites, belemnites, limestone gryphées or entroques), the wines of the vineyard of Pouilly-Fuissé AOC provides a range of aromas and flavors and subtle: acacia flower, stone fire, toasted almonds, hazelnuts, honey.









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